What Is The Difference Between NICOP And CNIC?

What is NICOP?

NICOP(national identification card issued to out of country Pakistanis) It is known as NADRA Card UK. It allows Pakistanis who live abroad travel with ease. If the Pakistani is dual-national and has a credit card, that allows him to move into Pakistan with no visa at any moment during the entire year.

What is a CNIC?

CNIC (computerized identification card of the national) is a form of identification that is issued to Pakistani citizens who reside in

Pakistan. This is a computerized copy of the national ID card. This card is only available to those aged 18 or over Pakistanis.

What is the difference between both NADRA Card

Both are identities of every person however the distinction is that NICOP aids foreign Pakistani travelers as well as dual citizenship. The significance of both cards is evident by this fact, that you cannot take on any legal problem or even go to the examination center in Pakistan when you are an adult. In the event of losing your card or if they expire, you must make an application for renewal as quickly as you can. If you’re looking for a resource that can assist you in completing your NICOP The name listed below is an authentic and trustworthy source for getting any task completed or get any details about the nadra.

Nadra Card Center Is A Go-To Website For You To Get Your Nadra Card From

If you’ve read about all the benefits you can enjoy with a card, you’re likely to want about getting one. If you’re located in the UK do not look around for numerous alternatives to get the Nadra credit card in an effort to ensure that the procedure easy. The nadra center is the best option for you. We offer on-line services to Nadra Card Birmingham saving your time and energy.

We Are Here To Help You With Any of The Concerns

If you are a resident of Uk and you have any issues with your nicop, or Pakistani identification card, you are willing to ask for our assistance because we are the authorized Nadra profilers who assist individuals with their nard-related issues. With our help you will not have to travel to high commissions or embassies for Pakistan however we can complete the task for you on the internet. We also provide the option to submit an application for the nicop, or give us your personal information since we’ll be assisting through the application process for you.

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