Nadra Card Birmingham offers you online Nadra assistance to make your life easier. We are an external service provider. We work around the clock providing the best customer service in town.

Nadra Card Birmingham Offers The Following Online Services:

  1. New Nadra Card
  2. Nadra Card Renewal
  3. FRC- family Registration Certificate
  4. POC – Pakistan Origin Card

Nadra Card Birmingham allows you to relax at your home when agents at Nadra Renewal Cards Center fill and process your Nadra Card Renewal application and get your cards printed and delivered to your doorstep.

  • You can visit our website: Nadra Card UK
  • Or contact us on WhatsApp: +44 7465795118


For a New Nadra Card/Nicop, You Have to Have the Following Documents:

  1. Sized picture.
  2. Picture of your front page of yours.
  3. Additionally, you must provide the CNIC number and name of a relative

who is a Pakistani national Only (children, siblings, paternal and maternal grandparents, and paternal and maternal grandchildren

How Do I Renew My Nadra Card in Birmingham?

Nadra Card renewal is easy and convenient with Nadra Card Birmingham. No more long queues at the embassy, no more tiring paperwork. With Nadra Birmingham, everything is online!

Nadra Renewal Cards Center offers Nadra Card Renewal Birmingham Service Along With The Following Services:

New Nadra Card: If you need to apply for a new Nadra card, we’ll guide you through the application process.

POC Card: For those eligible, we can help you apply for a Pakistan Origin Card (POC).

FRC Nadra: Obtain Family Registration Certificates (FRC) through our efficient service.

Nicop Modification: If your information needs updating, we’ll ensure your Nicop card reflects the correct details.

Cancel Nadra Card: In case your Nadra card is lost or stolen, we can assist in canceling it to prevent misuse.


If you’re an overseas Pakistani looking to travel urgently, but your NICOP has expired, don’t worry – you still have options. Nadra Renewal Cards Center can help you get a new NICOP quickly and easily, allowing you to travel without issues.

The first step for Nadra Card Renewal Birmingham is to open the Application now form. Once you have completed and submitted the ‘apply now ‘start on the website, one of the agents from the very well-trained team of Nadra Renewal Cards Center will contact you.

You will be asked about the procedure and the details about Nadra Card Birmingham Bit fees.

Once you are sure to continue your Nadra Application with Nadra Renewal Cards Center, you will be asked to submit the documents required to renew your Nadra Card UK Birmingham.

After submitting and verifying the documents, you will get the biometric form from the office through email or post, whatever is convenient.

You must place your fingerprints on the biometric form and return them to our office.

Nadra Card UK posts the biometric to its clients in a prepaid return envelope along with an inkpad for their convenience.

The next step is to send the renewal application to Nadra’s head office.

Then your Nadra Card is further processed and finally delivered to your doorstep. All this process is complete with only one upfront payment. There are no hidden charges or extra fees for anything. We believe in providing quality and trust together!

If You Are Applying for a First-ever Nicop, You Need the Following Documents:

  • Valid copy of Pakistani or Foreign.
  • Birth certificate with father’s or mother’s name in case of foreign birth OR
  • S-1 form when the applicant’s Pakistani is expired or invalid.
  • Copies of parent’s CNIC.
  • Exempted if NICOP is applied for within the first six months of birth.

Next, you must submit the scanned copy of all the above documents to our agent, who will process your Nadra Card application.

Once approved, I will forward the Application to Nadra’s head office.

At Nadra’s head office, your card will be verified and printed. After this, your card is sent to your mailing address.


Nadra Card is proof of your Pakistani identity. It serves as an identification document to authenticate an individual’s identity as a citizen of Pakistan. The Nicop Nadra Card UK is an essential document for Pakistani living abroad, allowing free entry to Pakistan. It permits one to do business in the country and own or sell the property.

Nadra Card or CNIC for people living abroad is called a NICOP-national identity card for overseas Pakistanis.

Nadra Renewal Cards Center UK allows you also to get this important Nadra Card renewed while sitting in the comfort of your home. Visit our website for more details”

  • Simplicity: We’ve simplified the renewal process to save you time and effort.
  • Expertise: Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of Nadra card renewal, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Online Convenience: You can complete the entire renewal process from the comfort of your home through our website.


At Nadra Renewal Cards Center, we’re committed to making Nadra card renewal in Birmingham a hassle-free experience for Pakistani overseas citizens. Renewing your Nicop card is crucial, and with our user-friendly online platform, you can do it conveniently and securely from anywhere in Birmingham.

Don’t wait until your Nicop card expires. Renew it today through and continue to enjoy the benefits of a valid and up-to-date Nadra card.

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