Refund Policy

Every customer is responsible to abide by all the sections in the Refund Policy of Nadra Card Center UK. We strongly urge our customers to review our policies and terms prior to making any request with us.

SECTION 1: There is no way to cancel an application after it has started. Card fees are not refunded.

SECTION 2: It is the customer’s liability if he or she is unable to deliver fingerprints. They will not be able to raise a refund question.

SECTION 3: Before beginning an application or making a payment, you must read all of the policies.

SECTION 4: No, any consumer can file a claim for PRICE HIGH.

SECTION 5: We can provide advice on card processing and delivery times by NADRA Terms and Conditions, but we are not liable if they take longer. The time stated on their website is the shortest amount of time required to process the application. It could take a little longer.

SECTION 6: We are not responsible for any travel arrangements made before receiving your card

SECTION 7: This is a Pakistani service with headquarters in Pakistan. It is not related to British service.

SECTION 8: NADRA requires the submission of basic supporting documentation. In some circumstances, though, more paperwork is required. It is the client’s responsibility to give this.

SECTION 9: Terms and Conditions of NADRA Check their database for your (and your family’s) information. They may request additional documentation for verification checks as a result.

SECTION 10: NADRA Card Center is a Delegated Providers do read all the legal pages before making any application.


We are Responsible for Your Privacy:

We respect your privacy You have full control over who has access to your personal information and contact details. Our site has privacy safeguards that govern the way we handle your information to ensure it remains private. With the privacy controls, you are able to restrict the dissemination of your data and decide whether you would like to receive targeted marketing messages.

We use your personal information to serve the following reasons:

  • The most common types of personal data we can make use of (in the case of data that is obtained indirectly from you, or the source, and the specific categories of kinds of data)
  • The reasons we are able to process personal information as well as the legal basis to do so

You can restrict any processing on your personal data restricted under certain conditions. This is the case under these conditions:

We no longer need personal data to fulfill the purposes however it is needed to establish, exercise and defend rights under the law. You are concerned about the authenticity of the personal information, the process is illegal however you are opposed to the erasure of your personal data. You have expressed concern over the process, and it is being investigated. If the processing was restricted due to this reason We may keep your personal information. However, we’ll only use your data only with your consent; if we need in order to prove, enforce or defend legal rights; when it’s of public benefit or if it is necessary to safeguard rights of a different natural or legal entity.

Our Sole Aim:

We work hard to make the process easy for those who visit us expecting the highest quality outcomes. We want to assure our customers that we are able to complete any documents or paperwork swiftly and efficiently. NADRA Online makes its blazing-fast and reliable services accessible in many ways. In addition, the NADRA Card Center is an great resource to quickly resolve any issues you might have. Visit us often in order to earn your trust and scale new levels. We’ll assist you in beating obstacles with the most efficient services that are available that is our main objective.

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