Privacy Policy of NADRA Card Center

The NADRA Card Center is dedicated to safeguarding NADRA Card Center visitors’ and service users privacy. This policy is applicable when we are an data controller with respect to personal information from NADRA Card Center website visitors and service users. This is when we establish the purposes and methods for processing the personal data. Cookies are used on our website. are utilized. The first time you visit our site we will ask you to agree to the use of cookies they are not required for the operation for our NADRA Card Center and its services.

  • NADRA Card Center UK has no REFUND POLICY for any application submitted or initiated to its Nadra Card Center UK applications. The applicant is therefore asked to carefully read through the details and guidelines available on the website that relate for the on-line application process. Be sure to are applying for the correct category, because once the payment is accepted, no refund will be granted.
  • NADRA Card Center UK reserves the right to terminate every Nadra Card Center UK application without providing a reason or notice to do the same. If the application is cancelled you will be charged the Nadra Card Center UK application cost will not be reimbursed.

What do we handle your personal information?

We collect your data for the following reasons:

  • The broad types of personal data we can use to process (in the case of personal information obtained directly from you, or the source, and certain categories of kinds of information)
  • The reasons we can use personal data and the legal basis for this processing

In certain situations you are entitled to request that data processing for your personal information restrained. The circumstances are:

You dispute the accuracy of your personal data The processing is illegal You are in opposition to its removal, as we no longer require personal information for the purpose of processing, however, it is necessary for the purpose of establishing, exercising, or defend rights under the law. You have expressed an objection to the procedure and it will be analyzed. We are able to continue to retain your personal information if processing has been limited by this reason. We will however only collect information when you have given us your consent or when we require for it in order to determine, pursue and defend legal claim; if it’s necessary for the protection of public interests or if it is required to protect the rights of a natural or legal entity.

About Cookies:

A cookie is an encrypted text file that has an identification number (a string comprising numbers and letters) which is sent by a web server, and maintained by the web browser. When a browser seeks out a webpage via the server this identification is sent back at the request of the server. “Permanent” and “session” cookies are two different kinds of cookies. Persistent cookies are saved by a browser on the internet and is valid until the user removes it prior to expiration while, on the other hand sessions expire after the browser has shut down at the end of the user’s session. Cookies generally are not a source of information that could allow the identification of users in particular. Cookies typically do not contain any data that can be used to identify an individual user, but the data stored in cookies and collected through them could be connected to personal information we have about you.

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