How Much Is To Renew Your NADRA Card?

Nadra the card centre has added simplicity and ease to all the things associated with the NADRA. From paperwork to other formalities, nothing is difficult when you have to do work completed within the NADRA office. We have developed a plan to assist the travel of overseas Pakistanis by providing NADRA cards to make their travel much less stressful and stress-free.

After you have received your NICOP, this signifies that the card is valid for a specific period of time. Once that is over the card expires and you’ll need to apply for Nadra Card renewal. If you live in the UK You can take advantage of receiving the Nadra Card Bradford delivered to your door. We can provide our services virtually all over the world, with the exception of those countries that are not permitted by Pakistan.

How Much Will You Be Paying To Renew Your Nadra Card

If your card requires renewal, NADRA the card centre charges fair fee for this service. The cost of the payment is based on the kind of application you select. There are various options for the time frames you have to choose from as to when you would like the card to be able to reach your location.

Three kinds of services we provide like:

  • Urgent: If you select urgent delivery, this could take 7 to 10 business days
  • L Fast: lasts between 2 and 3 weeks to complete
  • Basic 4. to 6. weeks of work
  • The payment will be made according to the timing of the delivery, i.e.
  • If you are requesting urgent delivery, the cost will be 180
  • If you are applying for expedited delivery, you will be required to pay 199.
  • For the late delivery you’ll be charged 150

If you’re planning to be traveling anytime in the near future, and your card is no longer valid you can still

You can still travel can travel if you’ve already requested renewal. If you wish to use to use the NADRA card for a different reason or to pay the fee in accordance with our guidelines, you can select the application type according to your needs.

The Payment Source For Application

We do not accept cash upon delivery. You must pay immediately after we receive your application. You can pay with your bank card or any other legitimate payment option.

Nadra Card Center Is All You Need Regarding Any Nadra Concern

No more snagging around outside NADRA headquarters or embassies as we’ve been offering services. One of them is applying for the Nadra Card Online. Our services allow for applications of customers by sharing their documents and information with us. The other is that we provide hyperlinks from which Pakistanis can apply for renewal of their NICOP. Nadra card centre is the most reliable and most efficient source for accomplishing any task related to NADRA. There may be others, however the fraud rate is high and you should not take any risk by putting your official documents as well as your personal details.

We are Available Any Time

If you have questions or concerns about NADRA or our services, you are welcome to reach us at any time between am or pm. Our customer service agents are on hand to help immediately. Please feel free to call us or ask any questions you may have.

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