Can I Renew My Nadra Card Online?

The days are long gone, when you needed to physically visit NADRA offices to get the validity of your Pakistan NADRA card. When it comes to your NADRA cards, when you realize that your card is was expired, then you don’t need to be anxious about going to the nadra office and enduring long lines since you can avail an efficient and speedy service referred to as nadra card centre. We offer services to help you renew your Nadra card online.

Two Kinds Of Services NADRA Card Center Offers

To upgrade your card on the internet you must contact the nadra card centre.

  1. The first service we offer is that if your nadra card renewal online, you are able to share the documents you have with us and we’ll ensure that you complete the application as soon as we have all the documents.
  2. The second method is that If the client wants to complete the application on his own, we will send them a link to where they can submit their application for NADRA card online UK.

It’s up to the applicants which method they prefer to follow in order to avail of our services. After you have completed all formalities and paperwork the rest is our responsibility.

Some Important Information to Know About Nadra Card Renewal

What happens if you need to travel within a few days and don’t have time to wait for your renewal card to be delivered to your location, you still have the option to travel. When you apply for renewal of your nadra card, regardless of whether you choose a speedy delivery, your card may require a while, however what can help you travel is the application form for the submission letter to the at the nadra card center. We will mail you an application letter once you have applied on our behalf. You will present your Nadra card at the airport and you’ll be able to travel hassle-free.

Expected Time of Delivery of the Card

There are three choices of the time period you can use to

Emergency: Urgent delivery takes 7 to 10 working days

l Rapid: If you select the speedy delivery option, it could be 2 to 3 weeks.

casual, or the basic time of your card could take between 4 and 6 weeks to process.

Fees Structure Of Nadra Card Center

If you decide to renew your application or renewal Nadra Card online, you must pay the fees associated with the task. The fees you have to pay are contingent according to the duration you select for making the application.

The cost of fast delivery of 199

Costs of delivery on a casual basis 150

The charges of urgent delivery 180

There is no option of cash upon delivery. The applicant must pay upon submitting the application. The payment options you have are bank cards or any other method of payment that is secure.

Our Helpline Is Open 24/7

Don’t worry if you’ve questions about the process as you can reach us anytime, regardless of the time. Our customer service staff is available to assist you through any issue that may arise.

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